Catching up

Ever feel like you are going a hundred miles an hour and still getting nothing done?  That’s how I have felt these last few weeks.  There has been so much that has been happening since I last posted. By the way, that was 22 days ago…oops!

Can we please do something fun today?

Can we please do something fun today?

Harley is not impressed with all the shenanigans that have been going on.

First, I have been running like CRAZY! My half marathon is in 2 days, and I cannot be more stoked. I honestly did not think that I would stick to my training plan as well as I have. I used the Hal Higdon half marathon novice plan and I loved it. It incorporated running as well as weights and cross training so I never got bored and I really felt like I was becoming a more well-rounded runner. I usually suffer from shin splints and this time around, I was able to do my long runs without pain, which is huge for me!  I attribute it to more cross training and strengthening the “non-running” muscles.

running on a glorious spring day, 75 degrees

running on a glorious spring day, 75 degrees

The weather has been great for running lately. Not too rainy, not too warm, not too cold. Lets just keep it up for race day! Can I put in a shout out to the running gods…No rain…for realsies, no rain!

I went to Mayo Clinic for a tobacco abuse symposium and got great information. It totally made my presentation I am doing next weekend come together. I met lots of great people there and even managed to stay on my training plan. What more can you ask for right?  Hopefully after the race this weekend, I can get that presentation finished up and finally be done with that. I am going to start having tobacco related dreams if I am not careful!! I see someone smoking and I have to fight the urge to run up to them and say “You should stop smoking…I have a presentation for you”. Annoying, I know right!?!

Momma, don't be that person!!

Momma, don’t be that person!!

Well, today is a day of errands, cleaning and general laziness. No running until race day, so of course, that’s all I want to do!!

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Just checking in

Hi all. I just wanted to check in and let you know I hadn’t died ;)

I have been running my tail off these last few weeks. My half marathon is less than 4 weeks away so I have been really trying to get in all my runs and work on increasing my speed for the big day.

I also have been burning the candle at both ends at work. I have a presentation coming up the week after my half marathon, so I have been spending all my waking hours researching and putting slides together…have I told you I HATE powerpoint? I do…hate…powerpoint.

Unfortunately I have no pictures for you this evening. They are all sitting on the camera just waiting to be downloaded. Fun news…I bought a Garmin, so stay tuned for that. I am so excited to run I cannot even stand it.

See you later. Hopefully it won’t be too long!

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Return to running!

Hi all. I feel like I have not posted in ages. I just got done with working my long week and it was a douzy…Do I say that every time?!?  Well, this one was a real winner! We were so busy at the hospital, and every single patient had real issues. Which translates into me staying late every…single…day for the last 9 days.  So, needless to say, running took a backseat. I still managed to keep on track somewhat, but I need to get my business together.  Because………..


ONLY 30 DAYS TILL MY HALF MARATHON!! <——-Yes, In my world, that warrants all caps…honestly.


So today I slept in until 7am (which is crazy for me) and then I got up, poured myself a cup of coffee, got caught up on all my work emails and got down to business.


Harley and I walked outside for about 20 minutes in the blizzard-like snow storm, then I stepped on the treadmill for a 5 mile run.  It was tough but good. I have slowed down a ton since I last ran!  I did intervals between 5mph and 5.3 mph for the entire 5 mile run and I was dying at the end.  So, back on the horse, so to speak. When I came back upstairs this is what I was greeted to.

unnamed[1]Yeah, isn’t his life just too much!!

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Busy weekend and enough of winter!


Hi all. I have just gotten to sit down for a second on this very busy long weekend for me. I am getting ready to do my 9 days in a row at work so today I had the day off. Nathan also took the day off and we went and got our taxes done…woohooo. What fun, right!?!

I also took the day off on Friday and went to a Nurse Practitioner conference in Lansing Friday and Saturday. I hate to spend my weekend like that, but the conference was full of good information. It is a necessary evil if I want to keep up on current practice, so I guess I enjoyed it. It was relatively painless so that was good. The nice thing is that Nathan drove over there with me on Saturday so he could spend the day with his family while I went to the lectures, so that made the commute much nicer.

White Pine Trail...just look at that sunshine!!

White Pine Trail…just look at that sunshine!!

Then Sunday I went out for my long run of 7 miles. It was the first time I had run in a while, so it was sort of brutal, but much needed. It was about 24 degrees with sun shining and light breeze, so really I could not ask for better winter running…unless it was 70 degrees….sigh….

Anywho, it was nice to get out there and see other runners. It was a nice day and the trail was just full of runners and walkers, making it not feel so secluded and lonely out there. Sometimes I feel like I am the only one out there and then my mind tries to talk myself out of running in the cold. On Sunday, there were so many nice people. Everyone was saying hi to each other and exchanging positive vibes. It was really great. When you just run in your house on your treadmill, you forget about the camaraderie that comes with running. I am looking forward to this race in April just to be a part of that atmosphere again. I am also looking at other half marathons later in the year. I have my eye on the Metro Grand Rapids half marathon in October. Not signing up for it though until I complete this one in April. We will see how that goes!!!

Harley on his perch surveying the neighborhood

Harley on his perch surveying the neighborhood

Harley decided that spring has arrived and it was a good time to sit out on the deck…in the 20 degree windy weather. I have to admit, it was nice to see him out there. Now all we need is to have the snow melt asap so that my race in April will not be UNDER 4 FEET OF SNOW!!

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Not dead….Just sick….send food

Sorry I haven’t updated in a while. I had such high hopes of blogging more, running more, and overall being a much more responsible person :)

And then I got a cold….Just a little cold, but it landed me on my fanny for several days with nothing new to talk about and just trying to get through the day. My training plan fell by the wayside. I started to feel better the start of this week and wouldn’t you know it….4 people I work with contracted the flu and I started feeling flu-ish.

So, I am on Tamiflu, feeling slightly better, and still not running.

Tomorrow is the day I get back on the horse. Maybe Sunday….we’ll see. Sunday 8 miles HAS TO HAPPEN or this half marathon is going to be a bugger!

Hope you all are staying healthy.

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A total fail of a day

Yesterday was a total bust!!!  I had such high hopes of getting so much stuff done and instead it was just a lot of shenanigans. Let me tell you…

What's up there, momma?

What’s up there, momma?

It started off ok. I got up at about 6:30am, fed Harley and poured myself a cup of coffee. Then, Harley decided that he did not want to go down the stairs to go potty. He has been a little nervous about the stairs this year. We think he fell off the bottom step earlier this winter, and now he is really nervous about it. He tests the top step with his nose to see if it is icy before he will put his weight on it. It is actually sort of cute, except once in a while, even on dry stairs, he refuses to go down by himself…and I have to go out with him.  Well, now since we have been having routinely subzero temperatures, the deck makes a cracking sound when you put your weight on it. That FREAKS HARLEY OUT!!


So, now, he refuses to even step foot outside of the house. That means that yesterday, when the temps were zero degrees with huge wind gusts, I am out there on the deck coaxing Harley out of the house. Not cool.


I finally decided that I had lost the battle after standing out there for 10 minutes with Harley still refusing to step foot outside, so I let him out in the front yard…where he promptly poops right in the middle of the driveway. Awesome! At least it wasn’t on the front step, I guess. Small victories.


After that fiasco, I warmed up a little with a second cup of coffee, did some blogging, answered some emails, and paid the bills. All before 9am. I was on a roll.  I decided to do some laundry and pick up the house. That’s where the day went downhill. I went downstairs to do laundry about 5 times, and every time I would eye the treadmill and think….”I’ll just wait a little before I run”. There was always an excuse…I was too tired…my lower back hurt…my legs were sore… really I was just super lazy. I ended up not running at all (for the second day in a row mind you!) and went for a massage. I had planned on leaving a little bit early since the roads were bad, but I promptly got stuck in the driveway. Awesome!

My wonderful neighbor came home at the exact moment I got stuck in the driveway. I’m sure he LOVED watching me get stuck, and being the nice guy that he is, he promptly came over to help push…in blowing winds….and subzero degree weather. I would have totally just called the massage therapist and cancelled, but he helped and after about 10 minutes of digging and pushing, my car was liberated and I was off.

*Special thanks, Scott, really*

So, my massage was great, I had a ton of tight spots that we totally worked out. Then, when I got home, Nathan and I had to shovel a path so we could get the quad with the plow out. That took a while.  But we finally liberated the plow, and Nathan plowed the driveway and was SUPER happy about it…by the way.


After that I totally just sat in the chair and was super lazy. No dishes done, no vacuuming, nothing.  And definitely no running. FAIL!


The bright spot was that I had put a roast in the crockpot so we had dinner waiting for us, cause we totally would have ordered pizza last night if I had not thought ahead. Win for us!!

Backyard where the fence is supposed to be

Backyard where the fence is supposed to be

On a side note, while I was outside digging the quad out of the snow, I saw the huge amount of snow in our backyard. It got me thinking, so I looked up average snow fall for this area this time of year. We are so close to setting a record!  We now have 107.7 inches of snow, and are in second place for the snowiest year. First place was 132 inches. I do not want to break the record for first place, by the way. Lets get that right out of the way.  We are supposed to get more snow this year, but I keep hoping that is will warm up soon. Currently it is -8 degrees with blowing snow, and it feels like the frozen tundra out there. Harley once again is refusing to go outside, and I am also refusing to go outside. So, we are at an impasse.


If nothing else happens today….I have to go running!  Oh, and the dishes are done already this morning, so that’s a plus.


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This week has been so weird.  This is my long week, where I work 9 days in a row at the hospital.  It’s only 8 hour shifts, so I cannot complain, and I get 4 days off at the end, which I LOVE!  I live for 4 days weekends!! Anyone else feel like this?….anyone?


Anyways, this time around I was a little bit jaded. I am pretty sure it was just the time of year, the weather, the fact that I have not seen the sun in 4 months, and the fact that EVERYONE is sick around me at work….  I got a little crazy this time around.  I am not sure the hubs likes me anymore.

notice the TOP of the 4 foot fence in this UNDER the snow

notice the TOP of the 4 foot fence in this picture…is UNDER the snow

Luckily, I thought ahead and rearranged my training plan a little so that I could get all my workouts in and still not want to kill myself. I am proud to say that I did all the prescribed workouts, just not quite in the right order.  I am not sure why, but I am super sore today.  I am so glad I have a massage scheduled today. Now I just need to run this morning, an easy 2 miler, and I will be all set to go.


So, without further ado, here is the week (a little late,  who’s counting?) in workouts…

2/16: Sunday-5 miles in 61:35 plus 1 extra mile with Scott and Sara.  My 5K (plus a little extra, darn GPS) was 37:57 for the Sweet Cheeks Virtual 5K


Monday- Strength x 20 minutes, 3.5 mile run on treadmill,  then 30 minutes stretching


Tuesday- Started my first day of 9 day stretch, took a rest day


Weds- Treadmill hills x 20 minutes


Thursday- Treadmill x 2 miles, then strength x 20 minutes


Friday- rest


Saturday- long run on White Pine Trail after work, 5 miles. Trail was VERY uneven from all the ice storms and it had about 4 inches of snow on top. It was a very good calf workout :)



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Running Whilst Working is Kinda a Drag!

Soooo much snow

Soooo much snow

Hi all. Sorry I have been away for a while. I have been working my long stretch at the hospital, so today was the first time I could have a free moment.  I also realized that this is  the first time I have worked a long stretch while on my training plan. Here is what I have learned during half marathon training whilst working…

-Long 9 day stretches of work at the hospital lead to decreased motivation to run on my part.

-While half marathon training and working at the hospital, my food of choice has become bean burgers on whole grain bread…..and lots of French fries!  Don’t judge!

-Increasing mileage at home leads to more elevator riding at work.  Funny how that works.

-Even though I am not putting in any extra runs, my muscles are more sore and my workouts are harder.

-Long stretches of work + half marathon training = overall bitchiness on my part…sorry Nathan!


I have 4 days off and I do not know what to do with myself. The first day off is always the day that I just lay around, organize the house, catch up on all the stuff I haven’t been able to do over the last 9 days (laundry, dishes, bills, etc). Even though Nathan helps with that stuff, it just seems to pile up.  Today I meant to sleep in but I got up bright and early and started shredding old paperwork that needed to be taken care of, cleaned the house, put in a load of laundry, and played with Harley.  All before 8am.  Boo ya!

Hope you all are having a productive day.

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Sunday Running

I had the best run yesterday that I had to tell you about. I had a 5 mile run planned and I woke up in the morning totally not feeling ready to run. I  made a commitment to try to run outside for all my long runs. This is for selfish reasons on my part…I just hate the treadmill so much that I am not sure I can do more than about 3 miles before I start contemplating all the ways to get OFF the treadmill as quickly as possible.  But, it will help in the trail run in April, so it serves as double duty goodness :)

Are you going running?  Can I come?

Are you going running? Can I come?

Anyways, I had made plans with my neighbors to run outside on the White Pine Trail (Nathan doesn’t like me to run alone, and Harley is not up for the long runs anymore…poor boy). I met the neighbors Scott and Sara at the trail entrance, and noticed how great the weather was. It was about 27 degrees, no wind. The trail had just a light dusting of snow on it, so I was super psyched. I HATE IT when the trail has more than a couple of inches of snow, as it makes me feel super sluggish and super slow. Anyway, we made a plan to all start together, and they would run 7 miles while I ran 5 (they are much faster than me…just saying).


Then if we felt good, we would all run an extra mile together at the end. I had anticipated keeping a pace of between 12 and 12:30 minutes per mile but noticed at the beginning I was running about 11:30 per mile. I felt great, so I thought I would just go with it. I had signed up for a virtual 5K for charity, so the beginning of the run was going to be for time for this. (Now that I think about it I totally should have said something about it earlier. Nothing like telling you about something after the fact when it doesn’t matter anymore!)

I ended up running 5 miles in 61:35, with my 5K time getting a little screwed up but recorded at 37:57. I use my GPS on my phone, and I think it got lost in the trees because the GPS went from 3 miles to 3.3 miles with nothing in between. So my 5K was a little long, but it’s for charity so I didn’t care. I will say though that a good trail makes all the difference in the world!! If you recall, the first time I ran on the trail with tons of snow, I did 4 miles in 62:20 and thought I might die out there! It was a much better run today! We all ended up ending at pretty much the same time too which was nice. I got to the finish line first and had just enough time to walk to the car and grab a little water before Scott and Sara finished. We all took another mile jog and ended on a good note. The temperature dropped though by the end of the run, and I started coughing my brains out due to my asthma. Cold weather and I just do not get along!! I felt sorry for Sara though because she also had trouble with the cold, as she has been sick recently. Today I was supposed to run 3 miles with Scott this morning but woke up to 9 degree temps and wind, so I bailed. Sorry Scott!! I am a wus! I am planning on getting my miles in on the treadmill today though, so don’t worry.

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Weekly Workouts

It has been super busy and super COLD this week! Looking back, it all seems like a blur of snow, running and Harley shenanigans. I am not sure what happened :)


First, half marathon training is now in full swing. I completed all my assigned training for the week without incident. It was even pretty enjoyable, if I don’t say so myself. I am adjusting to staying with a plan. Before this training plan, I usually just ran when I felt like it, took a day off when I felt like it, and never gave it a second thought. At first, following the plan was pretty difficult for me. I would always want to run when I was supposed to be cross training, and I felt pretty frustrated. I think I have adjusted though and am settling into it. So, without further ado, here was the workouts for the week:

Sunday- White pine trail running 4 miles in 50:06, average speed 4.8 mph

Monday- rest

Tuesday-Treadmill 3.5 miles in 43:26– did the first 3.2 miles in 39:38 for a virtual 5K, then arms/ abs workout 20 minutes, then stretch 30 minutes

Wednesday- 30 minutes in lap pool at the YMCA- wasn’t really feeling it!

Thursday- Treadmill 3.5 miles in 47:06, strength x 20 minutes, stretch x 15 minutes

Friday- rest

Saturday- 60 minute spin class

I ended up doing my scheduled stretch and strength day from Monday on Tuesday, and learned a valuable lesson. It is not good to combine workouts, cause you will feel it later! See, we live and we learn!

Have a great week everyone and stay warm!

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